Guy Gives His Wife a Sharpie Pen and his Nissan Skyline GTR

Posted on Art

What happens when you give your wife a sharpie pen and free reign to use it on your pride and joy of a Nissan Skyline GTR, well the result is something truly beautiful.

This little project came together when a guy was tuning up his beloved Skyline and he decided that the silver paint job needed a bit of a change, now there are options to respray, repaint or wrap your car to make it look different but this guy wanted to do something different. So he got a sharpie pen, handed it to his talented wide who luckily had skills and let he work her doodling magic.

It originally started with asking her to do a few smaller sections to cover some slight paintwork issues but he quickly loved it and let her do the whole car. It took approximately 100 hours of doodling and several coasts of clear resign to protect the artwork and the result is below!

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