Why am I going to live in Asia for 3 months

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his quote struck quite a chord with me when I came across it about 10 weeks ago, it made me think about doing something that I’d always said I would and that was to go and live and work in South East Asia. I run a number of online businesses including an ecommerce site and I work pretty much a 9-5 routine through the week and I like many count down the days to the weekend, don’t get me wrong I enjoy what I do but working on your own and from home can be quite isolating and ultimately lonely during the day, I don’t mind it too much but seeing myself start to get in the mentally of ‘living for the weekend‘ I’ve realised that I’m basically wishing away over two thirds of my life as the 5 days in the week I’m just wanting to go fast so that the 2 days at the weekend can be enjoyed.

In basic terms I’m doing it because I can and I want to, firstly I’m lucky enough to have a job which means I can work from anywhere in the world as long as I have a laptop and a half decent internet connection, secondly I love South East Asia! After spending 6 months traveling around 8 countries in 2011 I fell in love with the way of life, the culture, the food, the people and the weather and I told myself I’d be back. So fast forward two years and 3 months and I’m finally jetting back there, bearing in mind my mindset is slightly different as I’m planning to actually work out there rather than simply travel and party (of course I’ll be doing a lot of that too).

Why am I blogging, well for a variety of reason including so it’s a place I can put stories and info to recall, so family and friends can keep up with what I’m up to and to help others who may want to go work abroad.

Why South East Asia?

The weather and the beauty of the place!


For the culture and things like Ankor Wat which is a truly an amazing place in Cambodia.

Ankor Wat - Cambodia

For the food, from a mixed Snake curry (Cobra & Python) that I had in Indonesia to Thai green curries, street food that costs 50p for a meal to restaurants where you have a starter, a big main course and a few beers and spend £3.

South East Asian Food

For doing things you may not do at home, I plan on going to the Malaysian F1 this year, in 2011 I went to the Singapore F1 Night Race which was fantastic and only cost under a £100 for 3 days.


So why now and not before?

Most friends that know me reacted pretty similarly when I told them about my move, the reaction they gave went along the lines of ‘that’s awesome’, ‘arr I’m jealous you can do that’ or ‘you’ve been wanting to do that for ages’. The reactions from people who don’t know me so well go more along the lines of ‘why are you doing that’ or ‘that’s pretty crazy’, so why exactly am I going half way around the world to live and work? Well I’ll explain below.

I’ve always wanted to go sooner however in the past I’ve had ties here in the UK which have meant it wouldn’t have been as easy to just leave for months at a time, 2014 has been the first time since I came back from traveling that I have nothing really holding me back from going apart from myself. The quote that you see below was one that made me think seriously about doing it and come midnight on New Years Eve I promised myself that I’d book a flight. I still had that little voice in the back of my head questioning it which meant I didn’t fully book it till the 17th of January.

When I tell people what I do for a living, the same thing always comes up ‘that’s cool, so you can work from anywhere really’ and I say ‘Yep’ and then I think to myself so why am I working from the my home in Sheffield?! Don’t get me wrong I love the UK and I really do love Sheffield, I’ve lived most of my life (from when I was one till I left to go to Manchester Uni at 18 and then returning aged 22) and Sheffield has a lot of the things I enjoy including a decent range of restaurants, bars, clubs and nightlife, I’ve a great set of mates here, my family are here, I can be in the Peak District in 5 minutes and yet in the centre of town in under 10 minutes. Ultimately though I feel there’s a massive world out there and staying in one place most of your life may be for some people but it’s just not me.

Okay okay I’ve been rambling on for ages now, I’ll make it nice and simple as to why I’m going

  • Being self employed & running an online business means I can work from out there
  • The food – seriously I love Asian food
  • The weather – I love the sun, who doesn’t
  • The people/culture – it always amazes me how nice the people and culture are
  • The cost – a £1 for a meal, 50p for a beer, yes please

I’ll be keeping this blog up to date with where I am, how I’m getting on, reviews of places, things, food etc as well as some general travel and business ramblings. Hopefully you may find it interesting.

p.s  You’ll also find a range of non related to traveling blog posts here as this blog used to be for a blog for everything

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