What $207 Million in Cash Looks Like

Ever wandered what $207 million in cash looks like? Well the photo below shows exactly that, the other photos in this post show other large sums of cash some relating to seizures from drug related activity and crime others are just large amounts of cash that people have. If you have this much cash do you think you could realistically spend it all?


What you are looking at is around $207 million that was found in a house in Mexico, as you may well have assumed this was a drug related seizure. This stash of cash currently holds the record for the largest amount of money ever seized.


There were also an arsenal of guns that were found with the cash, as one may expect.


This suitcase holds $500,000, pretty nice sum of money to be able to walk around with.


This agent is pretty happy with his hoard of cash seized during a drug raid.


This cash hoard was another drug seizure where authorities found $18 million hidden inside a cabinet and in the walls of a Tijuana drug cartels home.



We don’t know the story behind this photo but we’d love to jump on a huge pile of cash too.


This is $1 million in cash that you will find in at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the cash sits inside a bullet proof glass cabinet.


Finally if you have more money then you know what to do then you could always use the cash to decorate your home.

Do you think there’ll ever be a bigger seizure than $207 million? We don’t think there will be.

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