19 Mini Horses Which Are Ridiculously Cute

Okay so you thought you’d seen all the cute animals on the internet, well now it’s time for you to fall in love with these super cute miniature horses, the ideal pet for those who live in the countryside or have a big (or small) field near them. They are easy to transport around in comparison to a normal sized horse, eat less, require less work and best of all they love people and children.

Measuring just 32-40 inches (85 – 100 cm) from their mane they are docile in their nature and with living for a good age they are great pets for you and also are great for small kids to learn to ride and master the arts of horse riding with. They were breed in Europe in the 1600’s and were kept as pets but were also working animals as due to their size they were often found in coalmines and rose in popularity as a coal mining working after countries banned children from working in them.

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