Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market – Review, Info & Photos

Every Sunday in Chiang Mai there is a night market which is located in the walled city, it begins at The Phae Gate and continues right along the ‘Walking Street’ for over 1km and spreads of down streets either side and into squares within. It’s located officially on Ratchadamnoen road and starts mid afternoon (4pm on wards) and ends at around 12 (midnight). It’s truly one of the best night markets you’ll have been to and unlike some markets it sells a wide range of crafts, gifts, food and gifts.

I found myself wishing I was at the end of my trip and had a spare bag to fill with bits and pieces but alas I carry a bag which is 35 litres in size (which isn’t very big) and another bag which is full of a laptop/camera etc so I have no room for gifts.

So what can you buy there?

Unlike some markets you may go to in Thailand this market doesn’t have many of the knock off/fakes that you see around, instead it’s more about arts, crafts, traditional and local items which make wonderful gifts. Here is just a few things that you are able to purchase in the night market: Paintings, Silk Scarves, Wooden Gifts, Jewellery, Clothing, Glass gifts, wallets, mirrors, soap and much more.

You’ll also spot a fair number of street performers whether they are singing, playing instruments or dancing which are great fun to watch.

Is it busy?

In simple terms yes very busy, but that all adds to the hustle and fun of the market, be prepared to walk slowly and just take your time and browse. At the time when I was there, a Thai royal was there and surrounded by around 5 body guards, 10-15 police/Swat, 5 army and a number of other officials who made a big ring around them and stopped people taking photos. It caused a bit of chaos as you can imagine. The market not only attracts tourists from around the world but locals too who love nothing more than having a leisurely stroll down looking and buying things.

Relax and Eat

If you get a bit tired then why not sit and get a massage, they range from around 70 bht (£1.35) for a 30 minute foot or neck, back and head massage to 130 bht (£2.30) for a full hour. Also there are a number of cafes and bars located on the street where you can sit down and grab some food or a drink however I’d highly recommend that you buy food from the street stalls as there is a massive range and it’s very cheap.

I had a three pork skewers (30 bht/£0.55), a Chiang Mai special sausage (20 bht/£0.36), an iced tea (20 bht/£0.36), some Phad Thai noodles (10 bht/£0.18), a can of coke (20 bht/£0.36) and then a fresh waffle with chocolate (25 bht/£0.45). By the end of it I was pretty full and it was all delicious and only cost me 125 bht which is around £2.30.

Photos taken in February 2014


Tha Phae Gate where it starts

Night Market

The market starts at the old wall gate

Long Market

The Night Market goes on for over 1 km

A street performer

A Thai girl playing the violin, you’ll find lots of performers on the street.

Beautiful paintings

Beautiful paintings are available

Glass maker

Making glass products on the street

hot work

Hot work!

Wooden gifts

You’ll find a lot of hand carved wooden gifts


A wide range of beaded jewellery as well as silver

Royal Visit

It’s hard to see but there are loads of police/army/bodyguards who are protecting some Royal Thai’s who are at the market.

Street food

So much food to choose from

Banana Spring Rolls

Banana Spring Rolls


Barbecue meats!

Fried Mussel Omelettes

Fried Mussel Omelettes


Squid cooked in front of you

Chiang Mai Sausages

Chiang Mai Sausages which taste lovely


Another vendor selling food

Plenty of seats

Eat with the locals

Curry pots

Pots full of curry!

Curry Pots

The curry inside smelt amazing


Don’t forget to bargain, you’ll rarely have to pay the first price they say. You should be able to get about 20-30% off the price


Make sure you have space in your bags for everything you buy!

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