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BioLite Camping Stove

This is one of the most awesome products we have come across, the Biolite camping stove allows you to charge your phone and other devices such as lights by using fire! Yes it really does, you simple start a fire in the section of the stove and this uses some clever tech to produce electricity to charge your electronics.


Don’t worry though as it doesn’t simply just charge stuff it also can be used as a traditional stove to cook stuff from a tin of baked beans to boiling some water the possibilities are endless. This now means that you can go way off the beaten track and not have to worry about not charging your devices, their are other devices out their such as solar panel charging and windup charging however we think this is by far the coolest and most useful gadget that does it plus lets you cook.

So how does it work, well it’s quite straightforward, you simple fill the device with materially that you can burn such as twigs, small branches, bits of wood, pinecone and anything else that burns, you then set it on fire and the clever gadget uses an internal fan to create air flow, this then combines with the fuel and creates a combustion fire that then converts the heat into electricity which can be put into your phones or any other devices, it can also be stored in the lithium ion battery. It weighs in at around 1 kilo so it’s light and when bought comes with a case to keep it dry and carry it around.

This has to be our favourite gadget we’ve seen this year and it’s available to buy from Firebox.



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