A Mother Takes Enchanting & Breathtaking Photos Of Her Children

Mother’s love to take photos of their children and Russian mother of two Elena Shumilova is no different, except she has an eye for photography, some magical settings, a beautiful cat, dog, duckling, rabbit and some enchanting weather which all feature to make these breathtaking photos.

Elena who runs a farm has explained that she uses her intuition and inspiration from the setting, her children and the pets to create these beautiful pictures, they make use of the colours, weather and landscape that help express the true joy of having children. The settings for these is mainly rural and takes advantage of the lights from streets, candles and mixtures of rain, smoke and snow to help you to feel like you’re in some kind of magical world.

Shumilova’s passion for photography started in 2012 when she got a camera as a gift, she now uses some of the top of the range cameras (including a Canon 5D Mk 2 & 135mm lens) to take these fantastical pictures. The result is photos she will treasure forever and ones we recommend you sit back, relax and browse through, don’t forget to share if you enjoy them.

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