33 Creative Double Page Magazine Adverts

It always surprises me how creative people and companies can be when it comes to creating eye catching advertisements and when they do how much more it draws me into actually looking at an advert rather than glazing over it. Magazine advertising is still a big thing even though magazine readership is in decline, companies know that adverts are highly targeted towards people they are looking for and thus can focus their ads directly to these people.

Over the years many companies have come up with some awesome and creative ways to grab peoples attention and make double page advertisements clever and make them standout. Here is our collection of creative double page adverts in Magazines from around the world.

Advertising agency Shanghai J&J Advertising based in China came up with this interactive advert for DHL



Wonderbra created this advert whereby readers could pull the strings at the bottom of the page and the result was an uplifted look, just what the Wonderbra does.wonderbra


This extremely clever advert by the Bank SulAmerica saw people opening the page rip the paper bank note, the strap line translates to “SulAmerica prevents you from doing the same with the resources of your company.” the ad was created by Brazilian advertising companyMPM Advertising.


GreenPeace produced this very simple yet highly effective double page advert



A company in Canada who produces a leg waxing product came up with this creative double page ad.



These clever pop up adverts were created for the Vietnamese furniture company NHA Xinh by advertising company Grey Group




‘Your life can change in a second” this advertisement is for a lift company, showing how quickly someones life can change.


This clever advert shows full colour when held up to the light, created by world renown advertising company Saatchi & Saatchi in Israel.


Another sun related advert this advert for tanning lotion is as simple as it gets but stands out from hundreds of other adverts people see. (Advertising Agency Gray in Stockholm)sun

This double page is stuck together and the only way for people to open it is to tear it open, when this happens the part torn covers the woman’s breast, the advert is for a cream that helps the pain women get from breast feeding.


This advert is for a hair dye that helps avoid problems relating to seeing hair root.


Seat created this brilliant advert which simply is the steering wheel of a new model, allowing readers to imagine what it’s like behind the wheel.


Another very simple advert for a woman’s underwear company


An anti dandruff advert, tear the corner of the page and white dandruff like material appears


This advert for a stain remover has the pages stuck together so it seems the hotdog is on the white shirt, once pulled apart the ‘stain’ is not there.mess


An effective advert for an Ultrathin Apple Macbook


This advertisement shows people how to donate to a project named AHON which helps rebuild homes for people who were affected/displaced by Typhoons in the Philippines.


An advert for Ikea


These 3 double page adverts are all for a company who produce kitchen knives (Advertising Agency Leo Burnett in Bangkok, Thailand)




Clinique produced this clever eyelash advert which shows the eyelashes curling



Advert for Sunsilk conditioner


Instruction on this advert tells you to move the page from left to right quickly, then it says this is how it feels to cross the chequered line in a race.flag

This Mcdonalds advert is for a extra large coffee you can buy, if you look carefully you’ll notice on the corners are coffee cup stains, hinted at a massive cup of coffee.extra-large-coffee

A second advert from this tanning lotion company, this one features very reflective pages which can act as sun reflectors.



This advert was created by advertising agency Jamshop for an Australian infertility clinic in order to recruit sperm donors, the advert was placed in FHM (a men’s magazine) where the pages were stuck together, on pulling them apart the advert included a lady in lingerie is revealed.



A dental floss advert


A bubble gum company in Brazil produced this pretty advert.


An advert for a Brazilian Bikini company


This advert featured the girl with her eyes cut out but on the following page a woman, so when page is closed the girl has eyes but when open she doesn’t, this advert was made in order to promote organ epsecially eye donation.


An ad for a Subaru Forester off road vehicle.


This advert was for a game show with the strapline “I’d do anything for money. The game show where pain equals cash.”



This advert is for a company called Styx Underwear who produce underwear for men which to put it politely doesn’t get stuck in-between ones cheeks. advert4

Adidas produced a series of creative magazine adverts which depicted people exercising across a double page.





These creative double page and sometimes single page advertisements go to show that with a little thinking outside the box adverts don’t have to be boring.

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