32 Examples of Guerrilla Knitting

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Guerrilla Knitting is a form of graffiti in which people knit material and attach it to things in public such as statues, trees, benches and fences. Also known as Yarn bombing and urban knitting this type of graffiti is relatively new and great fun.

This form of graffiti started around 2004 and has seen examples across the globe, aiming to bring happiness and a smile to peoples faces unlike traditional graffiti it’s not permanent, we’ve collected 32 awesome examples of guerrilla knitting for you to see.

guerilla-knitting 10 8 1 11 5 12 guerilla-knitting-prague 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 bench bike bridge bull cow gloves scarf 2 13 u Knit graffiti in Sussex Lane by Magda Sayeg guerilla 9 3 7

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  • The clothing-adorned statues of Jizo are not examples of Guerilla Knitting, but doing so is a very old part of the Japanese Buddhist culture. -The idea being that if visitors take care of Jizo’s statues, he’ll take care of their dead children.