28 Creative Food Art Photos

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We love creative things and creative people and Brock Davis represents both of these things, an award-winning artist who works in advertising  he’s taken these brilliant photos of art created from everyday food items. You can read more about him and see more of his work here.

car-ramp moustache-kiwi pear pitbull skateboard wee broccoli coffee explosion gummy-bear rice-henge sunken-banana trucker-hat whale


The next 14 fruit art photos are Sarah Illenberger who is a art director who lives in Germany, she too is a very creative person and has created and taken some amazing photos of food as you have never thought of it, this includes grenade pomegranate, carrot lipstick and more. Her work and more about her can be found here.

watermelon-rain beetroot veg-dress pearlight heart chilli-lighter pineapple-mirror-ball pomegranate-grenade onion carrot-lipstick rubik-cube banana-ballsponge-orange brush
We love this unique food art, which is your favourite?

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