27 Weird and Wonderful Fish Tanks

We love aquariums, they bring a little nature into your home or place of work, that’s why we’ve found the most unusual, weird and odd fish tanks as well as totally awesome ones for you to see. Which is your favourite and which do you want in your home?

World’s Smallest Fish Tank

Measuring a tiny 3 cm’s wide, 2.4 cm’s tall and 1.4 cm deep, this is the world’s smallest fish tank, with of course some fish inside too but the only ones that can fit are Zebra fish.

World's Smallest Fisk Tank

World Map Fish Tank

Allow your fish to explore the world with this unique world map aquarium (source)

World Map Fish Tank

Nike Shoe Fish Tank

This Nike Shoe fish tank contains 3 goldfish and was made by Nike 78 Project, pretty awesome we think.

Nike Shoe Fish Tank

Car Fish Tank

car-fish-tanks car-fish-tank

Toilet Fish Tank

This is the ‘Fish ‘n Flush’ which is a working toilet and fish tank, when flushed it appears the water and fish are going down but it is in fact a seperate water tank in front of the fish tank.

Toilet Fish Tank

Sink Fish Tank

To go with your toilet why not spend $4500 on a fish tank sink too.


Telephone Box Fish Tank

Filled to the top with water and fish this unique use of an old telephone box is quite beautiful.

Phone box fish tank

Sofa Fish Tank

A sofa and a fish tank in one, unusual and a bit strange looking.

Sofa Fish Tank

The Tube Fish Tank

This is a pipeline that is in a Cafe which allows the fish to swim from one tank to another, a unique feature that attracts visitors to the cafe all year round.



Pinball Fish Tank

Love playing games, then the Pinball fish tank is for you

pinball fish tank

Old TV Fish Tank

Love retro things, then this old TV which has been converted into a fish tank is perfect for you.

old tv fish tank

Fish Mountain Range Tank

We love this fish tank, simple yet clever (source)

mountain fish tank

Balancing Fish Tank

This unique design led fish tank makes it appear as the fish tank is close to falling off however it’s balanced so it won’t.

balancing2 balancing

Light Bulb Fish Tank

This tiny light bulb fish tank is quite unusual, we are unsure where this is from.

light bulb fish tank

Music Speaker Fish Tank

This is the speaker fish tank, it’s this as it’s actually a small speaker and a fish tank in one, although it does look like a mp3 player itself, this device was launched in Australia but brought a lot of criticism due to the cruelty to the fish due to the small amount of water, changing temperate and small condition.


iMac Fish Tanks

Made from recycled iMacs these are often nicknamed the iMacquariums, perfect for Apple fans.

imac fish tank

Brain Fish Tank

Quite a piece, we could see this in a office that specialises in brain related work.


Hand Wash Fish Tank

This wash basin was designed to get people to think about the usage of water, when users wash their hands the fish tank goes down or so it appears as the water level refills instantly afterwards and you actually wash your hands with water from a different tank and not the one where the fish are in.



Working GumBall Fish Tank

This gumball machine actually works as well as being a working fish tank.


Bed Aquarium

Featuring a tank that holds over 600 gallons of water you can stare up at the wonders of the world in this unique fish tank.


Guitar Fish Tank

This guy looks a bit confused as to why he’s being given a guitar fish tank.

Guitar fish tank

High Heel Fish Tank

These unusual shoes feature fish tanks in the heels. (If you like shoes check out: 24 unusual shoes)


Frozen Fish Tank

Well technically this is a fish tank, just the fish aren’t alive. This is the odd frozen aquarium that is located in Japan.


Multi Level Fish Tank

This fish tank is known as the Labyrinth Aquarium and has a price tag of over $6000.


Bus Stop Fish Tank

This is a real fish tank that is in Brazil, it’s a marketing ploy by a well known company.

Bus Stop Fish Tank

Bird Cage and Fish Tank in One

If you have pet birds and fish, then why not have a tank and cage in one, the birds can sit so it appears they are in the fish tank (source)



Strange Arty Fish Tank

This arty looking fish tank is quite unusual looking, we are not too sure on it.



Which is your favourite fish tank, let us know in the comments below.

pinball fish tank

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