26 Weird and Wonderful Slippers

Who knew that there were so many awesome, weird, funny and odd slippers out in the world, well during the making of this post we were suprised to find some shocking, some awesome and some plain stupid slippers that exist.

Tank Slippers – awesome slippers, we really want a pair of these


Baby Slippers – Very strange and slightly scary baby slippers

Baby Slippers

Car Slippers –  Great for kids plus they have lights in the front

Car Slippers

Duck Slippers –  they squirt water too

Duck Slippers

Reindeer Slippers –  Perfect for Christmas day we say.

Reindeer Slippers

Killer Rabit Slippers –  Innocent rabbit slippers until they open up

Killer Rabbit Slippers

Pikachu Slippers – Everyone’s favourite Pokemon

pikachu slippers



Muppet Slippers – Elmo’s smile never fails to make us smile

Muppet Slippers

Mr. T Slippers – It wouldn’t be right to post photos without a Mr. T related item

Mr T Slippers

Mop Slippers – Walk around the house while cleaning, ideal.

Mop Slippers

LED Slippers – See where your going at night

LED Slippers

Keyboard Slippers – For the geek in us

Keyboard Slippers

Husky Slippers –  Life like dog slippers

Husky Slippers

Homer Simpson Slippers – Have Homer looking up at you all day

Homer Slippers

Football Slippers –  For the footy fans

Football Slippers

Feet Slippers – Very odd looking slippers

Feet Slippers

Extendable Slippers – Dual purpose slippers

Extendable Slippers

Dead Seal Slippers – Bad taste or quirky?

Dead Seal Slippers

Darth Vader Slippers – For the starwars fans

Darth Vader Slippers

Corona Slippers –  For the beer lovers

Corona Slippers

Dust Pan and Brush Slippers – For those who love to clean

Dust Pan and Brush Slippers

Cleaing Slippers –  and for those who love to clean but with no effort

Cleaning Slippers

Cheese Slippers – Love cheese?

Cheese Slippers

Cheeseburger Slippers – yum, cheeseburgers on your feet

Cheeseburger Slippers

Cat Slippers – Slightly scary looking cat slippers

Cat Slippers

Southpark Slippers – Kenny

south park Slippers


Let us know which are your favourite and least favourite slippers from the collections above. 

Tank Slippers

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