24 Unusual & Cool Shoes

We all know that shoes and high heels are a love for quite a few people especially the majority of ladies but you’ll find out that even if you are male you’ll enjoy these high heels and shoes which are highly unusual, cool and in some cases very odd. We have found shoes that vary from being made of solid gold to those made to look like a slide and plenty more.

Hate it when you stand in chewing gum? Well these high heels make it look like you are continuously standing in chewing gum!

Chewing Gum High Heels

Fed up with having feet with 5 toes? Fancy having a pair of Hoofs on your feet? If so then these hoof high heels are perfect for you

Hoof High Heels

If you are a fan of dogs then these are the perfect high heels for you, they will make your feet look like a dog is stretching!

Dog Heels

Maybe you want your feet to look like.. well feet with no socks or shoes on

Feet High Heels

If the natural look is more your thing then maybe these forest shoes are more your type of thing (check the blue shoe laces which look like waterfalls)

Forest Heels

If you are a gamer or a fan of the old school Pokemon then these heels have a space for your Gameboy to fit in, oh and a little model of Pikachu. Gameboy Heels

Not much to say about these apart from if you love Giraffes then these are for you (note these aren’t made from real Giraffe, just made to look like it)

Giraffe Shoes

Simple, stylish and see through, these glass slippers will turn you into a true Cinderella

See Through Heels

Quite controversial these shoes feature heels that depict Christ on a crucifix

Christ Heels

Lipstick Heels for the sophisticated fashionable lady


Like standing on nails, quite literally in the case of these nail high heels which really are more just 2 nails in your feet than shoes

Nail Heels

A fan of trainers, especially Nike ones, then these Nike high heel trainers are ideal for you

Nike High Heels

These crazy heels are made to look like colourful oragami, we think they look pretty awesome.

Paper Heels

For those who are a bit geeky or techy these shoes feature circuit boards from within computers

PC Heels

Now this is a clever concept by an artist which makes everyone in the room exactly 2 metres tall, so if you are short the shoes you get to wear make you 2 metres tall and if you are tall your shoes will only be very small to make you 2 metres high as well.

Same Height Shoes

Wire framed shoes which are nice and minimalist

Wire Frame Shoes

Who doesn’t like a slide? Everyone loves them and these heels look exactly like one

Slide High Heels

Quite self explanatory these slingshot heels look great

Slingshot Heels

Have a bit (a lot) of cash to splash? Well then the solid gold heels will be the ideal shoes for you (price tag unknown)

Solid Gold High Heels

Play some music on the go, these concept shoes would have a CD player and speakers in them, imagine how annoying you could be if you were in a public space playing them.Stereo Heels

Some cool tape measure high heels, different, quirky and altogether awesome.,


These shoes are perfect if you like to take a dip in the swimming pool or sea when your out on a night out.

Flipper High Heels

These shoes appear to be of a lady bending over, elegant or a bit wrong?

Lady Heels

These wooden high heels are by Raffaello Scardigli a french fashion designer, unusual but look pretty nice.

Wooden Heels


Which are your favourite heels? We personally love quite a few of them but our favourite have to be the hoof high heels although we could never actually see anyone wearing them without looking a bit crazy.

Hoof High Heels

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