20 Amazing Easter Eggs

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Why not make Easter this year a bit more exciting by making some of these awesome Easter eggs, from painted eggs to chocolate eggs we’ve collected the best and most innovative eggs from around the world.

1. Angry Bird’s Egg (flickr photo)

Angry Birds Easter Eggs

2.  Batman Easter Egg Collection

Batman Easter Eggs

3. World’s Largest Chocolate Egg

World's Largest Easter Egg

4. World’s Largest Chocolate Easter Rabbit (source)

Rabbit Easter

5. Comic Book Easter Eggs – see step by step photos here.

Comic Book Eggs

6. Harry Potter Easter Eggs

Harry Potter Eggs

7. The Easter Egg Cake

Egg Cake

8. Pokemon Easter Eggs (source)

Pokemon Easter Eggs

9. Futurama Easter Eggs  (source)

Futurama Egg

10. Kiss Easter Eggs

Kiss Easter Eggs

11. Mario Brother Easter Eggs – found out how to make them here.

Mario Brothers Easter Egg

12. Binary Easter Egg – source

Binary Easter Egg

13. Dalek Easter Egg

Darlek Easter Egg

14. Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Doctor Who Eggs

15. Lego Easter Eggs  (Flickr)

Lego Easter Eggs

16. Chocolates within a big chocolate egg – Available from HotelChocolat

Ostrich Easter Egg


17. Silence of the Lambs Egg

Silence of the Lambs

18. Starwars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Easter Egg

19. Xbox Easter Egg

Xbox Easter Egg

20. Russian Jeweled Egg that sold for £8.9 million.

Russian Egg

Fancy making any of these or have you already made some awesome easter eggs and want your photo on our site? Get in touch and let us know.



Angry Birds Easter Eggs

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