19 Cool Hidden Rooms & Secret Passages

If you have a big enough house then having a hidden room is one of those things that many people dream about, we’ve collected the best hidden rooms and secret passages from around the globe so you can see what other people have done with their homes and how they have concealed rooms, vaults and passages.


The company behind the above and most of the secret passages and hidden doors are CreativeHomeEngineering  who specialise in this type of build.






door1 door2



This room was designed for the homeowners teenage daughter allowing her to get away from all the noise of their house and study in a hidden and quiet location, it features bookcases, a desk, light and is hidden away by a door that looks and acts as a bookcase.


This bookcase doesn’t open like a traditional door but swivels meaning it can open to a smaller place.


The people over at CreativeHomeEngineering can build hidden rooms into everything from walls, bookcases to fireplaces.



This staircase that lifts to reveal a hidden room was a feature built into a new build home in America,  it is remotely controlled meaning you can control it from the comfort of your bed.




This Narnia inspired hidden room is accessed via the back of a wardrobe, this is a firm favourite for everyone from kids to adults.


These awesome wine cellars  are the creation of SpiralCellars a UK company who specialise in creating creative wine cellars in homes, they often dig holes directly into the floor to build small yet easily accessible wine cellars to hold your vintage wines. Most are temperature controlled so you can make sure your wine is at the optimum temperature.



Possibly one of the most unique hidden spaces this building has a garage which is hidden away with a fake bottom floor window, it’s in a property in San Francisco, it was built like this in order to get around planning laws which mean a traditional garage couldn’t be built due to how it would look. Built by McMills Construction and the designed by the clever people at Beausoleil Architects. We do have one concern though that people would regularly park in front of it despite the no parking sign.

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