19 Brilliant Packaging Examples

You may think that packaging on products is pretty boring and couldn’t be described as ‘Awesome’ well you’d be wrong…very wrong as there are some extremely unique, unusual and utterly awesome examples of product packaging that have been designed by designers across the world. We have gathered some of the best we have found for you to have a little look over.

6 Pack Bun Packaging

An advertising agency in Ukraine worked with a bakery to come up with a ‘Fit Bun’ campaign which included healthy bread buns and a free visit to a gym. Figures for the campaign were close to 3000 sold during the 1st month, 650 people attended the free gym session and 220 of those purchased memberships.

Brilliant 6 Pack Bun Packaging

Unusual T shirts packaging

T shirt PackagingT shirt packaging

Awesome Gnome Bread

Gnome Bread

Matchbox Designs

Giving away matchsticks is quite a common method for getting brands out there, here are a couple that are unique.

Clever MatchboxMatchbox Packaging

Another Bun Packaging

This time for a bakery company who were supporting a breast cancel charity

Bun Packaging


Earphone Packaging

Some of the best packaging is often the simpilist and the earphone packaging below really does prove this point


Simple earphone packaging

Coca Cola Cups

Another example of simple yet highly effective packaging this time from one of the best known companies in the world

Coca Cola Packaging

Honey Jar

We have to say this Honey packaging is incredible, we would love to have received a jar of one like this as a present

Unique Honey Packaging

Fruit product packaging

Fruit packaging can be quite easily made to look brilliant due to how naturally beautiful fruit products are. Below are a strawberry jam jar and a fruit juice in a light bulb bottle.

jame Energy Drink Packaging

Spaghetti Packaging

Who said that packaging for spaghetti had to be plastic and boring, this NYC spaghetti company have made something that could be boring into something beautiful as it resembles the empire state building.

Spaghetti Packaging

Afro Pastry

This Japenese company who product pastries decided to make a simple package that makes it look brilliant



Utensil Packaging

This company who produces utensils from wood have made simple packaging which stands out and is clever.

Earth based utensils

Smirnoff Vodka Packaging

Smirnoff PackagingSmirnoff PackagingSmirnoff Vodka Packaging

Tea Bag Packaging

Tea bags to look like t shirts hanging on a rack, who’d have come up with an idea like that, quite random but still looks so much better than a box full of tea bags.

Tea Bag Packaging

Pencil Towels

This Japanese company have made the packaging for their towels to look like pencils, we are unsure why but it’s still a great looking packaging example.

Japanese Towel packaging

Water Proof Watch

So you have a waterproof watch that has been designed and engineered for water, how better to display the fact than by selling it in a bag of water.

Waterproof Watch Packaging Waterproof Watch

Tree Trunk Wine Packaging

This is the ultimate in packaging, a nice bottle of red wine encased in a tree trunk, simple, elegant and a statement piece of packaging.

Tree Trunk Wine Bottle Cases Tree Trunk Wine Case

We’d love to hear which is your favourite packaging example from those listed above.

Brilliant 6 Pack Bun Packaging

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