19 Amazing Examples of Fruit Art

I can’t be the only one thinking that fruit and art aren’t normally put together in the same sentence, yet my eyes have now been opened to how talented and creative some people are and how they can charge a normal piece of fruit into something spectacular. We have gathered the best examples of fruit art and got the best 19 we have found listed below. We love how some of the carvings are so detailed and others which are extremely creative and give you great ideas that you can try at home yourself.

 Shark Watermelon

You’ll notice a theme when it comes to fruit art and that is that many of the art is based on watermelons, this is because they are great for carving, large in size and you can get your creative side to really have a great go at making awesome things, take this watermelon shark with a fruit salad in it’s mouth.


Shark Watermelon

Orange Man

Simple can be very effective, take the simple satsuma/orange that you could make during your lunch hour. (Although we are sure you’ll need some sort of paperclip metal in the legs to make sure it stands up)

Orange Man

Apple Carving

Are you an artistic person? if so you could try carving an apple although you may find it tricky to match the detail of this one.

Apple Carving

Maybe go for something a little simpler like this apple carving

Apple Fruit Art

More Watermelon Art

Here are some more of our favourite watermelon art that we have found, we especially love the watermelon carving of a couple.

Watermelon Baby Watermelon carving

Watermelon CarvingWatermelon Mouth

Fish WatermelonWatermelon Tango

Got a banana for your lunch today, feeling bit arty, why not try to carve something out of it.

Banana Carving

Oranges make some great fruit to be arty with, check out this transformer type creation as well as the simple goldfishes made from Oranges.

Orange TransformerGoldfish FruitCool Fruit Art

This person has combined several fruit to make an awesome owl.

Fruit Owl

We are not sure if this is actually real, we hope it is because if it is, it’s incredible.

Pineapple Carving

Another lunchtime fruit art that you can try is apple swans.

Swan Fruit ArtApple Swan

Finally, why not make a kiwi turtle, although you’ll probably need something in the middle under the shell, maybe a watermelon seeing as they are used so often or maybe something like a cake.Kiwi Turtle

Made some fruit are of your own? Then feel free to send a photo to us and we’ll feature it on our site.

Shark Watermelon

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