18 Strange & Funny Earphones


The majority of earphones you’ll see on your way to work or in the streets are either white in which case they are more than likely attached to an iPhone or iPod or black in which case they are probably not an Apple product, but we think that earphones should be so much more fun than plain and 2 colours, so we’ve found the very best earphones including odd, strange and down right funny earphones for you to get some inspiration from.

Love M&M’s and want to have a pair that go in your ear? Well these M&M earphones would be perfect for you.

M&M earphones

This ‘out there’ earphones have big wings on them, pretty Lady GaGa looking we think.

Wing Earphones


Love playing Pool then these are the earphones for you

Pool Ball Earphones

These Bullet Earphones are … well earphones that look like bullets

bullet Earphones

I can’t hear you earphones


Cat Ear Earphones


Duck  Earphones


More duck earphones


Random earphones


Gummy Bear Earphones

gummy bear Earphones

Jelly Bean Earphones

Jellybean Earphones

Fan of Spiderman then these earphones are for you

Spiderman Earphones

These sound reponsive LED earphones light up to the beat of the music you’re listening to.

LED earphones

Hot Dog Earphones – available at Amazon

Hot Dog Earphones



Love pigs? Then these Pig Earphones are the ones for you

Pig Earphones

Let us know which are your favourite earphones, we love the M&M ones as we are a massive fan of the sweets so having ones that look like it in our ears just makes sense.


bullet Earphones

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