18 Awesome Flags Made From Food

Advertising agency WhyBin created these awesome national flags from food that reflected the country the flag represented, this project was made as an advertising campaign for the Sydney International Food Festival. The concept is simple and the outcome is some very clean and powerful images. Our favourite is the South Korean flag made from Sushi (kimbap) and sauces.

South Korea food

South Korea Made from Sushi (Kimbap) and 2 sauces

Brazil Flag

Brazil Flag made from a banana leaf, limes, pineapple and a passion fruit

Italy Flag

Italy Flag made from Basil, Spaghetti and Tomatoes

India Flag

India Flag made from curry, rice, vegetable dish and a small poppadom

China flag

China flag made dragon fruit and star fruit

French Flag made from Food

French flag made from grapes, Stilton and Camembert

Greece Flag

Greek flag made from feta cheese and olives

Indonesia Flag

Indonesia flag made from curries, chillies and rice

Japan flag

Japan flag made from tuna

American Food Flag

American flag made from hotdogs

Australia Flag

Australia flag made from a pie and some sauce


Lebanon made from humous, chopped tomatoes and herbs

Spain food flag

Spain flag made from chorizo and paella rice


Switzerland flag made from parma ham and swiss cheese

Thailand Food Flag

Thailand flag made from shredded cocunut, sweet chilli sauce and crab

Turkey Food Flag

Turkey flag made from Turkish delight

UK food Flag

United Kingdom flag made from a scone, cream and jam


Vietnam flag made from lychee, a star fruit and Rambutan

Let us know which is your favourite and if your countries flag isn’t on here then let us know what it is and how you would make it. 

Italy Flag

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