17 awesome mugs for your office

We know when your in the office there’s always a mug on your desk filled with your favourite warm beverage be it a nice cup of coffee or mug of tea, well we are fed up of boring mugs and so have compiled our list of 17 awesome mugs some of which will be perfect for you, some will be perfect for your work college and some may just be plain awesome. Let us know which is your favourite mug and if you have spotted any that have equal awesomeness and you feel should make the list.

The Ctrl + Alt + Del Mug

There’s always that time when you need to press control + alt + delete, that time when everything is going wrong and you need to stop it quickly, well these mugs look exactly like the buttons of your keyboard (unless your more of an Apple type of person and have a white keyboard) with these lovely mugs you can take a break with a lovely drink while your computer has it’s tantrum.

Control Alt Delete Mugs Ctrl Alt Del Mug


Self Stirring Mug

Perfect for the person in your office who could be described as ‘Lazy’ , the self stirring mug does exactly that … it stirs itself, of course the only downside of the genius invention is the need to make sure you have a nice supply of batteries otherwise you’ll be back to the hard task of actually stirring your own drinks… who does that nowadays! (Buy here)

Self Stirring Mugs

The Moody Mugs

Got someone in the office who’s always in a mood of some sort… maybe it’s you if you can’t think of anyone, anyhow these mugs are great for some office banter. Buy them for yourself and then you’ll know everytime someone makes a drink for you what type of mood they think you’re in!


Mood Mugs

 For the fun office

Work in a fun office…. loves moustaches… then these are the mugs for you and your fellow workers, never again shall drinking from your mugs be a boring task.

Moustache Mugs

For the forgetful

Always getting milk in your coffee when you don’t want it? Maybe that one person keeps putting sugar in your coffee…yuck… well with the simple checklist mug you’ll never have that problem again, unless someone steals your mug that is!

Checkbox Mug

The Productive Office

Ever been drinking your coffee or tea and had that eureka moment? Well if you have then the chalkboard mug is ideal for you, write it down and it’ll be staring at your on your desk till you do something about it, even if you don’t have eureka moments then putting simple reminders on it may just make you that bit more productive. (Available here)

Chalkboard mug

For those that nibble

Always having some biscuits with your drink? or maybe a cheeky doughnuts well with the Face mug you’ll be able to store them somewhere with your drink, mmm doughnuts!

Face Mug

The Cold Office

Does your boss refuse to put the heating on when it’s a chilly day, well if so the handy handwarmer mug will keep your hands warm while your drink from your mug, no handle needed on this mug as you simply wrap your hands around it, you’ll not want to put it down.

Hand Warmer Mug

Social Media Offices

Work in social media or just love Twitter, if so these mugs are ideal for you, hold the hashtag handle with pride while you drink (available here)

Hashtag Mug

The office joker

Well there’s always one joker in an office, one that probably loves a bit of toilet humour, well if there is there is only one mug that is suitable for him, behold the Toilet mug, oh and don’t just fancy drinking from the toilet why not eat from it too as this mug can be easily turned into a bowl for everything from your breakfast cereal to some nice warm soup.

Toilet Mug Toilet mugs

The Creative Office Mug

Work in a creative and funky office, well why not get this stacked mug which makes your head go a bit fuzzy just looking at it.

Staked Mugs

The Debt Collection Office

In no way are we saying that debt collectors use knuckle dusters, they may just like the bling of these lovely Knuckle Duster Mugs.

Knuckle Duster Mug

For the Photographers and Instagramers

For those who love to take a photo, take drinking your hot drinks another level by drinking them out of these camera lens, just make sure if you do own camera lenses like it that you don’t mistake one for the other. (Available here)


Camera Lens Mug

For the constant drinker

For those that drink tea or coffee on a near continuous basis, we all have the caffeine hungry college who loves nothing more than drinking mug after mug of hot drinks all day long, well this Giant Mug can make trips less frequent although they may have to drink it quickly to stop it going too cold.

Giant Mug

The hidden message mug

This mug is nice and simple, it looks just like a white mug and to any unsuspecting person that is what it is, except it has the words ‘I’m a Twat’ written on the bottom, meaning whenever the drinker takes a drink people around them can see exactly what they think of themselves. (available here)

I'm a twat mug

Rubiks Cube Mug

Fan of the good old fashioned rubiks cube, then this is the mug for you, we dare say that some techy people may like this one (available here)

Rubiks Cube Mug

Coffee Bean Mug

Unfortunately we don’t think that this mug actually exists, which is a massive shame as we love it and give it 10/10 of the awesomeness scale. (source)

Coffee Bean Mug

Got a mug which is better than these? Let us know and if it meets the requirements to be awesome we will add it to the page, don’t forget to let us know your favourite mug.

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