15 photos that aren’t as they seem

It takes less than a second for someone to press the button on a camera and for a photo to be created, most of the time these photos come out just as you thought they would do but every now and again a few photos come out with some surprising results. We’ve gathered a selection of photos where things aren’t as they first seem, this can be from the position of someones body being odd, to objects in photos making things seem very odd indeed.

Each of the photos you see below you may need to do a double take on them as you may not see what’s wrong or work out how it looks wrong on first glance.

Dog Rug

A room with a rug…. or did you miss the dog lying on the rug?

Misplaced Arm

These girls are taking a photo in the mirror, only to find that the girl in whites arm holding the camera has made it look like their friends bum! Hairy Arm

She’s got a very hairy arm hasn’t she… oh wait that’s someone guys leg.

Happy people

At first glance there’s nothing wrong with this picture, however it looks like they are holding the lady on the right when in fact they are holding the women in the middle.

Couple in love

It looks like the man is leaning over the women when it’s the women leaving over the man.


This photo took us the longest to work out, the blue jeans are in fact the mans legs and the bare legs are those of the girl.

Wide Legs

The man at the front has extremely wide legs doesn’t he!

Famous Naked Lady

This is one of the most famous and widely spread photos, this unfortunate photo makes it look like the the girl at the back is naked, when it’s in fact the girl at the fronts arm.

No legs

An issue if you have tights that are similar to the flooring, it may mean your legs look like they have disappeared.

Bar Stools

These guys are sitting on bar stools that have trousers on each to make anyone sitting down seem they have a different pair of trousers on.

Strong Women

Although it’s easy to work this one out it’s quite convincing on first look that the girl has big arms.


Another famous photo where the guys thumb makes the lady look like she has meat and two veg (male anatomy)

Inappropriate Arm

This photo instantly you think is very inappropriate but on closer inspection it’s very innocent.

Famous People

Even famous people don’t get away with every photo looking perfect.

Zebra Lady


A zebra women!

Let us know which took you the most time to realise what was actually right and which you find the funniest.

Happy people

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