13 Incredible Dust Storms Coming In

These incredible photos depict dust storms coming into cities, towns and across land, these dust storms are often known as ‘Haboobs’ [quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Haboobs are dust storms which moved across land or ocean by atmospheric gravity currents.(wikipedia)[/quote]

They are most often seen in desert like countries such as Iraq, parts of America, Egypt other African countries and in Australia, they can be dangerous sometimes resulting in up to a foot of dust, sand and other bits such as plant and debris being left in the path of the storm. These haboobs also give photographers a unique opportunity to capture truly incredible photos some of which make the storm clouds appear as waves or even tsunamis coming across the land. The dust waves can be over 50 miles (80 km’s) in width and cover entire towns and cities, they often arrive with not much warning and quickly turn daylight into darkness and the winds generated by the storm can be anything from 30 to 60 mph (40-100 kph).

Arizona is prone to these dust storms, this photo was taken in 2011 in the US state (source)

Amazing Haboob

Another dust storm this time in 2012 in Arizona USA (source)

Cloud Wave

This is a haboob coming into New South Wales, Australia

Dust storm cloud

At first glance this appears as though as huge tsunami is engulfing this city but it is in fact a dust storm in Geneva.

Cloud Tsunami

A haboob coming into an army base in Iraq

Dust waves

And another coming over Army personnel in Iraq (source)

Wave of dust

Haboobs (Dust storms) don’t always appear in the day they can come at any time, this photograph depicts one coming in at dusk in Phoenix  (2011)

Massive cloud storm

Another dust storm that looks as though it’s a huge wave coming across the ocean.

Tsunami cloud

More dust storms from around the world (sources: 1, 2)

Dust storms Dust Storm

This photo shows you what the Haboobs look like from the air. (source)

Cloud Storms

Finally another haboob crossing Arizona (source)


Let us know if you have ever experienced one of the dust storms/haboobs and what it was like, also which photo is your favourite?

Amazing Haboob

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