13 Awesome Bed Covers

Do you sleep in anything quite as brilliant as any of these bed covers? We love the collection of duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases that collectively make some awesome beds that you’ll wish you had in your bedroom.

Astronaut Bedsheets

We wish that you could get this bedsheet in a double, even though we are adults we all love this astronaut duvet cover set, we’d have loved it as a kid and we’d still love it today.

Astronaut Bed Covers Astronaut Bed Cover

Zombie Bed Covers

I’m sure Zombies and people’s love for them have only recently become such a big love for some people, we love the simplicity of this Zombie bed cover set, although we’re not sure if we’d like it if we woke up in the middle of the night.

Zombie Bed Covers

The autonomy Bed sheet

If you are in the medical profession, love the human body or just simply enjoy a fun bed cover then this is perfect for you.

Medical Bed Sheets

Nude Bedsheets

Like sleeping in the nude or maybe you don’t but like to think you are, well the nude bed sheets make it appear like you are nude (plus make you look like you have a great body too if that’s what you desire)

Nude Bed SheetsNude Duvet Covers

iPhone addict Duvet Cover Set

Love your iPhone or a technology geek then this maybe the perfect bedding set for you.

iPhone Bed Sheets

Twister Bed Sheets

Everyone has played Twister, well nearly everyone (if you haven’t then go buy it and play it) and this bed sheet lets you play it on the bed which could mean a lot of fun 😉

Twister Bed Covers

Police Line Do Not Cross

Fancy sleeping in a crime scene? Well maybe not an actual crime scene but this unusual bedding might be great for someone whose an avid CSI fan.

Police bed sheets

Homeless Bedding

One of the most unusual bedding sets we have ever seen, the bedding make’s it look like you are sleeping under cardboard and on the street much like someone who is homeless may sleep.

Homeless Bed Sheets

Stick Figure Bed Covers

These simple bedsheets are reversible and so you can choose what state you are in and what mood you are in and your partner will be quick to know!

Stick Men Covers


Sleep in Paradise

Go to sleep and wake up everyday in paradise with this bed sheet that depicts a brilliant blue sky and sea and an idealistic island in the middle.

paradise bed covers


One for the single man

If you a single man and want to wake up next to a beauty every morning then this is ideal for you.

Never sleep alone

Devil vs Angel Pillow Cases

You may end up arguing over who gets which side more often than you are used to with these awesome pillow cases.

Devil vs Angel Bed Sheets

A book at bedtime

Do you read a book when you go to bed, if you do you may enjoy the bed sheet that has a book written on it, although after one read you may revert back to your kindle or book unless you love reading the same thing over and over again.

Book Bedsheets

Seen some more bed covers that are even cooler than these? Let us know and let us also know which is your favourite.

Zombie Bed Covers

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