12 Breathtaking Buddhist Monasteries

This collection of stunning photos of monasteries from around the world just goes to show how buildings can be located in such beautiful areas. Buddhist monasteries are places where monks and nuns retreat to learn about the principles of beliefs. They vary in size, look and location but all share community rules that often include celibacy, having no or very few personal possessions and retreating from society.

The Yumbulagang Monastery in Tibet

One of the first buildings in Tibet, the original monastry was ruined during a revolution but was rebuilt around 30 years ago, the monastry has a history that dates back more than 2,000 years

Yumbulagang Monastery

The Meteora Monastery in Greece

Founded in the 14th century this monastery is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is home to six monasteries,  built on top of a rock in Thessaly it has exceptional views and backdrops.

Monk Monastery

Taung Kalat – located in Burma


Tigers Nest Monastery – Bhutan

Clinging to the cliff around 10,000  ft up in Bhutan this monastery is one of the most famous monesteries in the world due to it’s located, the name tigers nest comes from the legend that Guru Rinoche meditated in a cave where the monastery is after flying over the Himalya in the 7th century on the back of a tiger from Tibet.

Tigers Nest Monastery

Mar Mousa Monastery

Located in Damascus this monastery is still active today, with monks living, growing their own food and managing animals. Located high in the Syrian mountains this is an impressive monastery.

Mar Mousa Monastery

 St Martin Monastery

Located in Southern France, this impressive monastery has a mixed history including it being abandoned in 1783 and falling in disrepair

 St Martin Monastery

Hozoviotissa Monastery

Located in Greece this 11th century monastery is located on the edge of a cliff, it’s believe the creator arrived on boat from Palestine.


St Bartholoma – Located in Germany this building is on the edge of a beautiful lake

Best monestries


Potala Palace – Tibet

Located high above the valley it’s home to hundreds of monks, it’s also one of the earliest buildings in Tibet.

Potala Palace - Tibet


Punakha Dzong – located in Bhutan


Hanging Monastery in China



Key Gompa – located in Tibet



Are these the most tranquil places in the world, we think they are certainly contenders.

Monk Monastery

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