11 Unusually Awesome Chairs

A chair can be something you just sit on, yet it can also be a statement piece of furniture in a room, we have collected some of the best and most unique chairs from across the web for you to feast your eyes on and see if you could imagine any of them sitting in your home or place of work.

The Cut Chair

The cut chair although looking like it has no chance of supporting anyone’s weight can in fact be sat on, the one chair leg is bolted onto a steel plate that sits below the whole chair giving stability and allowing you to sit on it. You can read more about the chair here.

Cut ChairCut Chair



Blanket Chair

We love this blanket chair which allows you to sit on it and wrap yourself up, could you see yourself reading your favourite book on this chair?

Blanket ChairComfy Chair

Cassette Chair

This chair is made from cassettes, so if you are a lover of music or someone with a taste for retro things then this may be the perfect chair for you. (source)

Cassette Chair


Hug Chair

This has to be one of the most inviting chairs we have ever seen, we just want to go and sit down on it.

Arm Chair


Don’t Walk Chair

The famous ‘Don’t Walk’ traffic signals that used to be all over the US now are available as part of a chair, for those who love America or simply love quirky furniture.

Don't Walk Chair

Football Chair

Love football or simply want some chairs which have multiple uses then these are the chairs for you.

Football ChairChair Football

Shopping Trolley Chair


Shopping Trolley Chair

Tied Together

Chair together

Typography Chair

Sometimes words can say a lot more than anything else so this simple typography chair can make a great statement piece of furniture.

Typography Chair

The Curl Chair

A lovely piece which would sit brilliantly in any modern home

Wrap Around Chair

Yoga Chair

This simple chair looks very relaxing to sit and meditate or simply read a book on it

Yoga Chair

If you could have any of the chairs we have featured which one would it be and why?

Blanket Chair

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